TIL that Ezra Pound arguably believed that

"the British involvement in the Second World War was motivated by a quasi-racist plot, devised by Churchill, to kill Germans." 好吧我信了,庞德的legal team说他疯了恐怕是大实话,不是为了避免终生监禁想出来的法庭策略_(:з」∠)_

信息来源是最近一期Literary Review上的一篇给新出的庞德传记写的书评


An article on the 'alt-right' website Radix, dated 31 December 2016, begins, 'The United States is a sick place. In 1958, famous poet Ezra Pound once noted that "America is an insane asylum," and those words seem truer today than they did back then.' The writer of the article appears to be a supporter of Donald Trump.

In case anyone would like to read that Radix article



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