Belgian humanism, which was deeply influenced by the nineteenth-century Freemasonry movement, offered an outlet for those who felt oppressed by the Church, but it has increasingly come to resemble the kind of institution that it once defined itself against. Since 1981, the Belgian government has paid for "humanist counsellors," the secular equivalent of clergy, to provide moral guidance in hospitals, prisons, and the armed forces. Humanist values are also taught in state schools, in a course called non-confessional ethics, which is taken by secular children from first through twelfth grade, while religious students pursue theological studies. The course emphasizes autonomy, free inquiry, democracy, and an ethics based on reason and science, not on revelation. 

 - Rachel Aviv, The Death Treatment

没想到人文主义已经发展成人类神教了,亲爱的朋友们,咱们的国就在地上啊wwwwww墙裂推荐点开链接阅读全文,想到这样的故事在当今发生,却没有一个陀思妥耶夫斯基来写,简直万分心痛。与Todorov的这一段配合服用效果更佳(Surely I am not the only one who finds it amusing that replacing the allegedly dead God with the almighty Human Autonomy is somehow considered a huge progress?



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